The Best Baby Monitors

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One of the most fun and challenging parts of being an expectant parent is registering and picking out what you want and need for your baby. One of these essentials is a baby monitor. Now there are several options when going to look at a baby monitor; wired or wireless, video, monitors that sense the baby's movements, infrared, monitors with sounds and lights, monitors with just sound. You can see that this can lead to lots of confusion when trying to find what is right for your baby and your budget. These monitors can run anywhere from $20 up into the $100's of dollars.

Starting with the audio only monitors, there are several models by several different companies. I personally prefer the Fisher Price Sounds and Lights Monitor. With a single receiver, this model can be purchased at most places that carry baby gear for under $25.00. This is a great monitor because of its ability to have both bright LED lights and sound. These are great if you want to have the monitor out while you have company, but don't want to listen to baby's music, you can turn the sound down and just watch for the lights.

The next section of monitors, which gets quite a bit pricier, is the audio and video section. In this category, I prefer the Summer Day and Night Infant Flat Screen Color Video Monitor Set. It features a 7" screen that shows in color during the day and black and white at night. You can also turn the video off and just use the audio. It has the option of adding a second camera, which would come in handy if you have more than one child, and you can flip back and forth between the cameras to see each different view. This monitor can be found in the $225 range.

The last section is the movement monitors. These actually have a pad that goes in the crib that helps detect breathing and movement. My recommendation in this category is the Bebesounds Angelcare Movement and Sounds Monitor System. It senses the baby's movements and alarms if there is absolutely no movement for 20 seconds. This monitor can be found in the $100 range with 2 parent units.

The world of baby monitors can be confusing, but I hope this helps you come to a decision on one a little easier.

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Baby safety monitors are a great way to keep track of your child. If you are concerned at your unborn babies health you can monitor him or her with a baby heartbeat monitor.

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The Best Baby Monitors

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This article was published on 2010/03/31