Portable GPS Mysteries: What's A Distance Monitor?

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GPS has revolutionized the modern day tracking services. It is made up of numerous components which work in tandem to provide outstanding real world results. One of these key components is the distance monitor. Its function is to calculate the approximate distance from an object and display on a clear screen. With increasing technology, this vital component has seen great advancement.

Simply put, a distance monitor calculates the precise distance traveled by you (including each stride) through a GPS system and displays the information in measurable quantities. For example, if you are moving forward and have travelled 100 meters, then it will display north 100m as its reading. Another similar, yet different, product is the Pedometer. This is basically used to measure the vertical distance/displacement. A distance monitor is far more accurate than a pedometer.

A distance monitor is usually famous among sports enthusiasts who wish to calculate the distance they have travelled during an exercise. A typical design includes a GPS antenna that provides improved tracking, even under tall buildings and dense constructional sites. Users can also measure their heart rate since most modern GPS distance monitors include a heart rate monitor. Another key component is the battery. Distance monitors are also famous with adventurers who want to know their position with respect to their starting position.

The data displayed by a distance monitor can be customized according to the user's needs. On some devices, as much as 12 data fields can be used to provide user with instant feedback. These fields may include workout information, speed, heart rate, position information and other features. There is also a memory that stores all the information for use later. This personal information can be used to analyze a person's health state. Hospitals have implemented this technology to check a patient's recovery time and potential.

For those selling modern GPS distance monitors, it is important that you tell your potential customers some of the modern features. For example, some of these devices have started to offer internet connectivity. This allows users to send their instantaneous workout data to their physical coaches for scrutiny. So, athletes can get any relevant tips and warnings on the go. You can tell your potential customers how they can keep track of their children's movements through these devices. All they have to do is attach it to their children and limit their movements. Perfect while grounding!

On the other hand, if you are in the market looking for a distance monitor, do check out products of major companies. These products offer the most technologically advanced features and their data is highly accurate. Although, some of the models may be expensive, yet the quality of information delivered by these devices easily compensates for the high price. Know your requirements before you dole out your money on the table. If you are not a professional athlete, there is no need to buy high-end distance monitors. A simple device with basic functionality will suffice.

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Portable GPS Mysteries: What's A Distance Monitor?

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This article was published on 2010/09/13