How Make Windows 7 More Friendly To Multiple Monitors With Actual Multiple Monitors Software

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Well, we all like the Windows 7 Aero themes and we all want that Aero features work on our second, third and etc monitor. But for some reason, Microsoft has not paid attention to the customer feedback. That's why we should have to resort to using third party software.
But, multiple monitors software are quite different from each other. I tried all these programs and chose the best one - Actual Multiple Monitors.

At the moment released the version 3.0, which fully supports all features of Windows 7 OS on secondary monitors. I mean, that Aero Peek, Aero Shake, Aero Snap, Show Desktop and much more features works greatly on all my monitors. Moreover, you can extend Windows 7 taskbar to secondary monitors with help Actual Multiple Monitors 3.0 (with it's own Start button, Notification area, clock, Toolbar, Show Desktop Button and etc.). Each taskbar display only tasks started on the current monitor. I can make taskbar a transparent" I can save desktop profiles, I can set wallpapers slideshow and screensavers for all monitors, I can set position of any programs when it startup, I can I can I can". Available much more features in Actual Multiple Monitors 3.0.
Plus, I can lock the mouse pointer within the active window that helps when I play a games, since clicking outside the active full-screen application is minimized it. Or by clicking hot keys, I can ignore the deactivation of a window, which allows watch a fullscreen video and doing something else on the second monitor at the same time.
I'm just thrilled!

Of course, it's not free, as Ultramon and Display Fusion. However, the AMM is better many times over. This is the only multiple monitor software, which fully supports WINDOWS 7 (even x64).

If you doubt my words, you can always download a fully functional 60-days trial.

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How Make Windows 7 More Friendly To Multiple Monitors With Actual Multiple Monitors Software

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This article was published on 2010/12/10