Features To Look For When Buying a Computer Monitor

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In a similar vein to television sizes a lot of people will want to have the biggest computer monitor they can afford, whilst this may look impressive when playing computer games or maximising your view with spreadsheets and documents sometimes the largest screen size doesn't always mean you will get the best monitor. There are some computer monitors available that save power and some that give you the clearest picture as well as many other aspects you should be considering when you need to buy a monitor.

First of all you may have noticed that many computer monitors are now moving away from the square 4:3 ratio to the 16:9 widescreen formats making them look more like the TV sets we have in the living room and giving a greater space to view websites and videos. A lot of people will watch movies or TV programmes on their computer with services like the BBC iPlayer many people are tuning in on their computers as well as their TVs these days.

So what are the other factors to consider when purchasing a monitor? First of all you'll want to consider the factors that will affect the image quality, as you could have the biggest monitor on the market but if the clarity isn't up to scratch then you could get a blurry or slow picture. The response time of the monitor is going to affect this, the response time is typically very short on most monitors and so it's measured in milliseconds. The fastest response times are typically around 2-5ms and these are best for fast moving graphics such as games and movies.

The range of contrast is important for monitors and TV sets as this shows how many different shades of black can be displayed, obviously the greater the range, the truer the picture will look and won't suffer from the picture turning totally black if the picture goes dark. The contrast ratio of 10,000:1 is said to be the best but it is worth checking the picture out on any monitor you are looking at getting.

The energy saving properties of electronics can be a key concern for people these days and so most monitors will go into some form of power-saving mode when inactive for a period of time, this should send the monitor into a low power usage state or ‘sleep mode' to conserve the energy used when you are not at your computer. You should look at the eco features of any monitor if you want to save some money from using your computer.

There are plenty of monitors available online to suit your desktop PCs, with many well known brands available you're bound to find a monitor that suits your needs.

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Features To Look For When Buying a Computer Monitor

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This article was published on 2010/09/10